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I've been wanting to try this but it'll be silly to go to work with a crazy-do. My opportunity finally came and it's this Spring. That's the perk for taking a week-long break. I can go (a little) wild with my hair and I won't get in trouble for it. I don't want to wait until I'm 30 and regret for not trying something new with my hair.
So, if you're with me, here's what you need to dye/chalk your hair:
Chalk pastel stick
Water (in a spray bottle)
Hair spray
Flat iron or curling iron

How to chalk?

1. Take a small section of your hair and twist the hair. Mist it with a water spray.
2. Take the chalk pastel stick and rub over the section while twisting the strand back and forth. Repeat on desire section.
3. To make the color stay, run a flat iron or curling iron through your hair and seal with a light hair spray.
Tip: do not use heating tool if your hair is still wet. Wait until it's dry then style it! You don't want to damage your strands.
The option of styling chalked hair is endless. Some of my favorites are curled ombre, fishtail and bohemian chic. Try being creative and play around with different color and texture! It's really easy to wash off and redo it again!
If you tried chalking your hair before I would love to hear your experience!
I can't commit to a permanent hair color, so I'll try this!
@iluvdurian31 No problem :) but it doesn't hurt to try on a small section of hair. It could be different for everyone
@iluvdurian31 for me it seemed to dry it out where ever the chalk got but after washing it all out my hair seems fine
@Tamberea Sounds like a pretty combo. I can't decide between pink and aquagreen!
@Tamberea What color are you planning to try? I'm curious!
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