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Genre de Vie: A Bicycling Documentary
Genre de Vie is a documentary film about bicycles, cities and personal awareness. It looks at desired space and our own impact to the process of it. The film documents urban life empowered by the simplicity of the bicycle.
Today we are facing environmental issues more than ever. While architects, urban designers, policymakers and thinkers discuss the future of our cities, more and more people become aware of their own impact and use of space. Genre de Vie uses the bicycle to explore personal awareness and finds out how cycling contributes to the future livability of cities.
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Very good documentary. Interesting to see how the bike will develop cities more as cities develop in terms of population and need.
3 years ago·Reply
@Spudsy2061 I only hope cities speed things up a bit, but I'm glad you enjoyed the documentary!
3 years ago·Reply
Great video! I loved every second of it
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