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Andrew Low has been building aluminum frames in San Francisco since 2010.
While he’s best known for his track frames, in recent months, he’s branched out into cyclocross and now, road bikes.
It’s been a long path for Andrew to get this point, but after many months of design, he felt ready to enter the road market. This particular frame is a working prototype.
SRAM Red 22 and ENVE’s made in the USA rims really vibe with the custom Cadence paint treatment, which was a collaboration between Dustin Klein of Cadence and Andrew himself.
This bike was brought along to NAHBS, and even though it wasn't an official bike it was definitely one of my favorites.
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@JonPatrickHyde Probably a very pretty penny, so to speak. I read up on this one a little bit and I've been following Low for awhile now. They just started making road bikes, they have mostly made track bikes and even those start at $1200. I would think that even if this was a production model (which it's not) it would cost at the bare minimum $5000.
I'd love a bike like this, it's beautiful
any idea of the price?