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nelson just posted a sneak peak of their 2015 line up on face book. man I like the look of the second from bottom if anybody knows more about these boards because Idk Shit about them besides they're adding a hybrid flush mounting and they're changing the tail a bit on the batray. that's all I seem to be able to find. if anybody knows more please let me know
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@ujeany I know we're like professional adults (well, more you than me rn), but this stuff costs considerable money lmao!!! You could be taking Aria on multiple dates :P
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@mpoblete if only she'd get me one like how I got her one :/
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@mpoblete also, we're absolutely spamming this post
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@ujeany well, in fairness, it was her birthday. Wait your turn hahaha! Maybe she will!
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Oops! @ujeany
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