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Calming Yoga

Was this practice focused on stretching, quieting the mind, or loosening muscles?
This calls for fibrous foods to take advantage of all the blood moving through your body and your loose muscles. yam, fruit salad, yogurt, brown or wild rice or pasta salad.
- A Fruit Salad
- A Sweet Potato

Power Yoga

Were you sweating up a storm engaging your core, and using active movement?!
You need to protein and card up after a workout like that!
- Steamed Veggies with Protein of Your Choice
Same here @sophiamor
What you eat after working out affects everything you did in the actual gym!
Her teeth are so terrifying in that picture, hahaha. But thanks for using my tomato soup recipe! It's really a fantastic one. :)
Smoothies are my after workout treat! @caricakes I had that problem with morning gym classes haha! Even if I ate my body would growl :)
@asparagus I used to take a 6pm class at my local gym but my tummy would always growl mid-class if I waited for dinner after haha
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