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We all have been a kook or done something a kook would do at one point or time. What is something you have done that is kooky?
I started going really "fast" the first ever time down a hill on my uhm super flexy board.. Anyways, tried to go from standing to sitting on my butt, by putting my hands on both kicks to balance and letting both feet off the board... Did the dumbest wobble crash straight into the gutter and board rolled straight into my manhood after i fell. First time i was ever on a board
I'll start it off. When I first started learning to ride there was a short time where I didn't know how to foot brake so I would use my back foot to press down on the wheel to slow it down to a stop.
It's hard to think of something specific. I can say that this one thing still happens to me and it's super embarrassing. When you are going really slow and your wheels get caught on a rock or a crack and you go down hard. It's hard not to look kooky when it happens, but I'm sure it's happened to all of us.
it was one of those, board stopped I didn't flew off going forward but with one foot still on the board doing the splits and kicking the board backwards while twisting my ankle kinda falls
I never actually legit longboarded til 10 months ago, so pretty much everything o did before then and even after then was pretty kooky
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