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Tekko is just a little over 5 weeks away! I have a special cosplay planned for Saturday evening, but I'm not sure what to wear on Sunday still.

I'm really bad at making decisions, so which do you think?

1. Ryou- Gourmet Girl Graffiti

2. Nico Yazawa, school uniform- Love Live School Idol Project

3. Jennifer, chocolate maid version- School Idol Festival

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Hmm... I'm usually decisive enough but this is so hard! Love all three characters but I can't pick! >< 3's really nice but 1's so beautiful! 3 or 1, if I had to choose... 3
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I would say I really like #1, personally.
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Oh but I love the #2!! I thnk you'd be great with any of them~~
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This might be late but I vote for nico!
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