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So I'm completely hooked on a new series: Nagi no Asukara!! It's basically a story of surface people and sea people (they're not merpeople, but they have a skin shell that lets them breath? basically just humans underwater!!) and how they interact. I'm only on episode 8 of I think 23 episodes, and there are already a lot of love emotions, friendship emotions, as well as a certain level of mystical intrigue about WHY sea and surface people are different!!
Anyways, since I'm hooked, I immediately started looking for cosplayers, and look at these amazing ones I found! They look just the right age (middle school-ish), and I love that the photos are taken at the seaside which is completely necessary for this series!
So far, I really love Kihara Tsumugu (black haired boy) the most so far, and I can't decide which of the two main females are my favorite! While I appreciate the growth the main girl Manaka (pink hair) is going through, she doesn't really suit me as a character. Chisaki (purple hair), on the other hand, is so me!!!
Is anybody else watching this one?!
@vulpix @Spudsy2061 Oh yeah, and I finished it already! Turned out to be 25 episodes, but really SO worth it! I would have liked one or two more episodes to wrap it up, though.
@timeturnerjones Wow. Powering through that already I see.
@janekhon Haha totally understand! This isn't usually my style, either. I heard of one called Clannad I'm going to try out!
@timeturnerjones hm.... Cant think if any. Im more of a gothic anime fan who occasionally enjoys watching romance like nagi no asukara:)))
@timeturnerjones Okay, I think I'll at least try the first episode
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