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I'm always up for shaved ice dessert. My friend first introduced me to Halo Halo during high school and I fell in love with this Philippine dessert. The word halo means "mix" and this popular sweet is a mixture of shaved ice, milk and various fruits. If you search on the web there are TONS of halo-halo variations. However milk and shaved ice is always the base.
This is by far my favorite recipe.
Halo halo mixed fruit
2 cups of ice, shaved (crushed is also fine)
¼ - ½ cup evaporated milk (optional)
Mango, or coconut, vanilla ice cream
1 tablespoon sweetened condensed milk
You basically layer your way up the glass jar or bowl. I always place the mixed fruits on the bottom, top it with shaved ice, then milk and ice-cream. I would skip the condensed milk or ice-cream if you want to reduce the level of sweetness. That's it!
Have you tried halo-halo?
@danidee I've had ube bread before and it's DELICIOUS!
Where do they sell this ice cream???
@caricakes This is for you!
@GetFitwithAmy I've never had ube bread! I bet it's so good. Ube cake is my faaavorite.
@maymay75 I've seen it at pretty much all Asian grocery stores, especially if they carry Filipino products. You just have to look for 'ube' flavor.
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