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Q: I really liked this guy but then his best friend expressed interest for me seriously out of nowhere. I didn't like him back, so I said I wasn't ready for a relationship but then ON THE SAME DAY the boy I liked asked if I'd like to get dinner sometime! I really didn't want to hurt the first guy's feelings so I rejected him because it would have proved I'd been lying when I said I wasn't ready to see anyone. Now I regret turning him down because I still like him but I'm too scared to approach him again because of how I acted. Help??
A: Leave your advice in the comments, and if you have a love problem, message me and I'll post it anonymously for you!
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It's never too late to like someone! Sure, it might be the wrong timing, but if you open up communication like @katfulford18 suggested, it can always work out :)
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Oops, I never left my advice! I say its best to be open about why, so that he doesn't think the wrong thing, but also to!
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If you like someone, you start wanting her heart would want to get it for him, you must wait for the hope that they will find you.
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Just explain why you rejected the first guy... But explain it to both guys... And then take it slow...
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Just say u had family problems to cover it up
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