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I promise this is a different method from all the other heat-less curl I shared last time. This technique requires you to set it overnight but it's perfect for people who:
1. Struggle to keep their hair in a bun while sleeping.
2. Wants to avoid frizz and crimps in the morning.
3. Have no time to spare for curling iron.
What can you expect from this curling method:
1. No heat damage
2. Frizz-free hair in the morning.
2. Soft romantic curls.
4. Time to enjoy your breakfast without rushing to do your hair.
Ready to learn it? Watch Keyley's tutorial below.
Note: Make sure you try this on clean hair to get a soft and smooth result. Let me know how it works for you!
my hair looks phenomenal with this method. it came out exactly the way it does when I use a curling iron. and I'm so glad it's heatleaa because I don't wanna damage my hair. I ended up using two shirts though cus I have super thick hair and the one t shirt method left my hair kinky in the back. i might do my own tutorial lol. but seriously love this
hey guys i saw this youtube video on short hair and also how to pull the look. all you need is this a regular head band. just go kinda dump your hair and whatever products you desire to use to make your waves or curls voluminous or perfect . then just wrap your hair around it and you should be good. Please lemme know if it helped. wish you the best on trying. i am definitely gonna try it too. can't wait. ☺
cool tip . thanks for sharing. for me my hair is short its length is to my neck. so how can i pull this look. :) hope to hear from you. thanks again. :) @hairconfetti
Well, it didn't turn out like it was supposed to. It fell limp after we finger combed it...... :/
@chelseaCopper @maymay75 ☝☝. hope that will work for you. :)
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