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Twitter analyzed hashtags from 2006 on and found when some love related hashtags were being used most, maybe signifying when those things happen for a lot of people!
January: It's time for #firstdate s to be popping up everywhere, but it's also when people get slammed into the #friendzone.
March: Trouble in paradise? You might soon be tweeting to say you #justbrokeup!!!
July: July is a big wedding month, so people will be letting you know that they're #justmarried.
August: Guys pop the question a lot in August, according to Twitter, which says this month has the most #engaged hashtags. It also seems to be the month people start #onlinedating.
December: The D in this month stands for #divorced. What a sad holiday :(
What do you guys think? Does this line up for you, too?
Yikes! I like to think I'm not on someone else's schedule like this!
@kristenadams Ahh I'm sure you'll make it!!! Knock on wood!!
I can't do #justbrokeup if we're not together, lol!
Well I've almost made it through March and so far no breakup in sight (did i just jinx myself?!)
@beywatch According to Twitter, yes?! which is completely insane if you ask me
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