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Tigers boss Steve Bruce has signed a contract extension to remain in charge of the current Premier League side until the end of next season. The Hull City boss has a massive fight on his hands to keep the Tigers in the Premier league for 2 consecutive seasons for the first time in their history, but with the club 5 points clear of relegation it is looking more clear that the Tigers might just do it.

Steve Bruce not only led the Tigers to promotion 2 seasons ago despite not being favourites to do so, but he led the club to their first ever FA Cup Final as well last season only to lose to Arsenal.

Even though they're fighting relegation?
@CitySarajevo Hull have no top flight trophies or silverware. To get them into the FA Cup Final and 2-3 Premier League seasons is a massive step for the club. He earned his 1 year extension.
@Spudsy2061 And if they go down, even next season?
@CitySarajevo It's a one year extension so Hull can just not renew it and not have to worry about severage fees.