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Paper Towns, Looking for Alaska Movie News!

If you know me, you'll know that I've enjoyed reading John Green's books for the past 8 or so years (side note: has it really been that long since I found the vlogbrothers?!) I enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars well enough, but am more excited to hear news on two books of his that I liked even more: Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska!!
Paper Towns will be coming out on July 24; John has already seen it and says its AWESOME and we can expect a trailer soon!!
Looking for Alaska has had the movie rights owned for almost 9 years now, and it seems like Paramount might be pulling the Fault in Our Stars team back together to make Looking for Alaska!!! Which I am super stoked about.
Any other John Green fans excited for these??
@hikaymm haha no problem!! :) that's a super great explanation, actually. Sounds like something that would make great summer reading! Cheers :)
@allischaaff Hey! To be honest, its largely based on the fact that I've watched him and his brothers videos for years (yikes!) but mostly I found YA fiction written by a guy, still about love, but not totally "dudified" refreshing? I just have a weird thing for YA fiction (even if it can be immature at times) because I feel like the teens and early twenties are just such a defining time that we never forgot those feelings, and I think his writing does a really good job of reminding us of those feeligns and that they're totally worth something (not just "teen problems" like some might say). Anyways, I'm rambling, but basically if you're OK with YA fiction with a more mature edge, then you'll probably dig his books. Specifically if you like obscure references and intelligent characters, like I do!
@hikaymm Hi! I would love to hear more about why you love this author. I'm always looking for recommendations! Any thoughts?
@alliscaaff Hope you enjoy it!
@allischaaff Also, super late reply: sorry!
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