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Kurt Cobain's Montage of Heck Releases First Trailer

The first authorized documentary about Kurt Cobain, Montage of Heck, just dropped and it is here to break your heart.
Montage of Heck was made with the full cooperation of his family and friends and given authorization to use Nirvana's music—released and unreleased. With Courtney Love and their daughter, Frances Bean, credited as executive producers alongside Academy Award nominated director Brett Morgen, the documentary includes never-before-seen home videos, Cobain's personal artwork and interviews from those closest to him.
It will be released in May in a short run through theatres and a premiere on HBO.
Man, I am so excited for this. I was by far one of the biggest Nirvana fans in school growing up. I've already seen so many of the documentaries and read a lot of the unauthorized books, so it will be so cool to watch a new one. This looks a lot better than "Kurt & Courtney".
It's so strange to hear his voice as a child. I don't know too much about Nirvana and Kurt Cobain so it is hard to imagine him as just a average human being rather than a rock star.
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Dear David Bowie: A Thank You From Yet Another Odd Kid
I thought about immediately taking to the keys last night, upon hearing the news of David Bowie's passing, but I thought against it. When people don't have time to process things they end up creating these jumbled messes, that don't come out as tributes. They're more akin to shocked streams of consciousness, where neither the reader nor the writer can properly put things into place. After further inspection, I realized that Bowie wouldn't have wanted a proper tribute, because as a champion of all things individual, he valued the pure ideals of hope and art over everything else. I guess the sadness stems from the knowledge that anyone can fall prey to the sickle of cancer, and that just doesn't sit well with us, because if it can get Bowie...where's the hope? But that's not the point, it never was. So the following, is a mis-mosh of thoughts aimed at the cold blooded bummer we're all feeling today. So here is a letter, a bit out of sorts, but exactly what I wanted to say. David Bowie, you are more than a musician to most. You are someone who gave every single person on this planet permission to be themselves. The idea of creation can only go so far as the brain will let you, and for some reason, Bowie, your brain just went a little bit farther than most. From early in your career, you were constantly pushing boundaries, as if to say, "Hey world, you can be whatever the hell you want to be, except boring." And that sentiment always spoke volumes to me. As a kid who was never on the right side of anything, it was an incredible feeling that someone who came before, was brave enough to blaze the trail for the rest of us. Especially considering the societal implication of being an alien at the time, you held down the fort, creating a legacy that nobody would ever touch. I wore glittery makeup and strutted around like I was from a different planet too, and sometimes people would say, "Huh. There's a touch of Bowie in you." I could only be so lucky. Bowie, you never let gender define you. You didn't let society define him. You didn't even let yourself define you. You were utterly unique, do you know how valuable that is? You, and only you, were created from space dust and glitter, roaming the earth among us mortals, gracing us with your presence when when was worth so much more. You stand as the singular voice in a world full of people who couldn't give a shit about being themselves, and you made that cool. You made individuality and sense of self cool. Could you imagine a world without that? Without you, almost all of our artists today either wouldn't exist, or they'd be infinitely more boring. From the 70's onward Bowie provided all people with something otherworldly, something that anyone could sink their teeth into. You know, when your parents and you are mourning the same genius...that person was completely transcendent. It didn't matter what race, nationality, gender or creed you were a David Bowie fan, because some people just can't be ignored. And though the world tended to criticize and marginalize your efforts, nobody ever said you weren't talented. The true heart of an artist takes a beating, and with every single hit, you came back stronger, better, more creative. There was nobody like you. Nobody before or after you will ever touch you. The mark you leave on this pitiful world makes it a little more brighter, a little more glitter filled. You took the music of yesterday and splattered it with technicolor. The rules of the passed were smashed to smithereens, and Bowie, you had the sledgehammer. No musician ever, could dispute the raw influence of you. In fact, I would say that no person who has ever come across your music could dispute your raw influence, and we are forever grateful. You see, without someone tending the gate of creativity, none of us would ever have the courage to open it. Now you're tending another gate, somewhere high up in the stars, where you always belonged: because Bowie is not from this planet, he can't be. He can't be mortal. And that's the hardest part. You see, he isn't mortal. He never was. He's now off to another place where he can really shine. He's the spaceman after all. The world changed when this man picked up a microphone. And in the halls of Gods and monsters, Bowie will sit atop a shining pedestal of stardust, waiting for another trip to the moon. On behalf of all people, musicians and freaks alike, I want to extend this fervent and sincere thank you to our very own alien: Mr. David Bowie. Returning to space must be an incredible feeling, and we hope to someday meet you there. It took me a full 12 hours to realize that I was experiencing the stages of grief, and that I should give myself time and all of that...but you never gave yourself any time right? You never stopped for anyone. You accomplished more in your 69 years than most of us could in three lifetimes, and for that reason, I will continue on. I will not stop to cry or hold my breath. I will sit at the desk, cry on the keyboard and continue my journey. "I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring." Until then, I'll be holding down the keys, making sure that whatever tears that fall are not in anger or sadness, but celebration, that our world could even begin to hold such an incredible talent, spirit and genius. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. --Tess
'Train to Busan' as Critique of Korean Society
I still haven't been able to see Train to Busan for myself, but I found this article on NPR to be really interesting! It doesn't ruin any plot points (other than the fact that there is a zombie apocalypse which I'm pretty sure we could gather from the trailer...) According to the article: Without giving too much of the story away, the film blames corporate callousness for the death toll. The government covers up the truth — or is largely absent. And the crew? Rather than rescue passengers, it follows the wishes of a businessman. Sewol Ferry Reference: These themes are particularly resonant in South Korea, which in 2014 faced national tragedy after 300 people, mostly teenagers, died when a ferry overturned in the sea. Investigators found the ferry's corporate owners overloaded it to save money. And the captain and crew got into lifeboats without rescuing passengers. News media, toeing the government line, originally reported that everyone survived, blamed rescuers for not working hard enough (when in reality the government refused to let them go into the water and rescue the children), etc. The Korean president's whereabouts on that day are still unexplained. Then the MERS Outbreak: Last year, as Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS, spread in South Korea, the government wouldn't share key information about where patients were being treated, where it started, and how officials would contain the outbreak. The government refused to communicate with the public, so the Seoul mayor had to go against the president and form his OWN plan to fix the problem. As a result, he's now in the running for next president (since Koreans have lost all respect or trust in the current pres) You can read the full piece by NPR right HERE. Has anyone seen this yet?!
9 Pop-Punk Songs You Forgot You Loved
You lived and died by these bands, and they're still just as good. Get your nostalgia on and listen to your old favorites as if they were brand new. Music doesn't have an expiration date, and if you loved something once upon a time, you probably still do right? The early 2000's had their share of amazing bands...but these ones characterize a time in my life where I was innocent, hell-bent on doing well in school and trying to get my future in control. I had no problems whatsoever, but felt like the world was falling down around me. Man...I was an idiot. Let's take a look back at the tracks that defined us and remember what we were like when they did. 1. Fall Out Boy / Thnks Fr Th Mmrs This is the perfect song to kick off our little trip through time right? Fall Out Boy is still huge, and arguably better than ever, but this song is still a classic. I can remember getting chills every time I heard it on the radio. Because even though the radio stations primarily played all of the "pop garbage" you'd hear on the daily...Fall Out Boy was always there to cut through it. 2. We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands / The Academy Is... This song was my JAM. The first lines spoke to my soul, "I've got that lefty curse where everything I do is flipped and awkwardly reversed / you're seldom known and barely missed / I always put myself in destructive situations." This was like my number one angsty teenage tune. Though this group broke up in 2011 they're reuniting for a tour this winter! An I may be there ;) 3. I Write Sins, Not Tragedies / Panic! At The Disco A band with an exclamation point in their name!? Come On. The original line-up of Panic! is at it's peak on their debut "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out." I remember seeing this band at my first real concert, they opened for Fall Out Boy and played for like...15 minutes. But they were incredible. Apparently Panic! got a record deal before they played a single show live. Man...I wish my band had done that. 4. Snakes on a Plane (Bring It!) / Cobra Starship feat. Travie McCoy, Maja and William Beckett This song was the coolest thing since sliced bread. We all loved it because it was from the soundtrack of one of the most absurd movies ever. The movie birthed an even more absurd song. This is still a go-to Karaoke track for my friends and I. We all take a different part. I of course, sing the high chorus because William Beckett sang it. And I loved him. Why not. 5. Dear Maria Count Me In / All Time Low My band used to play graduation parties...and when we covered this song, it was a huge hit! There's nothing like an infectious pop hook coupled with slashing guitars and raw energy. All Time Los is still around today, and their newest record Future Hearts is pretty great...but nothing brings back the memories like "Dear Maria Count Me In." It's just infectious. 6. Cupid's Chokehold / Gym Class Heroes feat. Patrick Stump "Take a look at my girlfriend / she's the only one I got." This song was heard at every school dance I can remember. Gym Class Heroes was the pop / punk / hip hop act of your dreams. The innovative musical style and romantic lyrics of this track drew in a lot of people. Fun fact for you, lead singer Travie McCoy dated Katy Perry for a while...and she even makes an appearance in this video. 7. Pressure / Paramore This was the first Paramore song I really liked. I remember singing it in my basement with a karaoke track, trying to hit the high notes in the chorus. Every girl wanted to be Hayley Williams...and I think some still do. This is the song you'd scream after you broke up with your high school boyfriend. Cause like...why not. 8. My Friends Over You / New Found Glory Arguably the catchiest song on this list, My Friends Over You, is still an anthem for everyone who values the age old adage friends over boyfriends. There's nothing better than screaming this track at the top of your lungs in the car with your best friends. This band was one of the first pop-punk acts I got into and they still rock. Their latest track "Vicious Love" features Hayley from Paramore. 9. American Idiot / Green Day This band rocked my world, literally. They opened the door of musical expression and gave me permission to be myself. The minute I saw this music video on MTV in 6th grade, my life changed. This song means so much to me. It is a fearless call to action, for us to not follow the rules. Green Day was just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and for good reason. They're an extremely individual act, who inspired nearly every other act on this list. Gotta end with the most influential right? Which song was your favorite!?
History Continued
And you were 21 years old, you were just leaving childhood. The human brain does not fully develop until age 25. Then the decision-making part of my brain still needed training. There was no one to tell me what to do. You became the number one star in this business. Didn't he have royalties or rights to get some kind of reward for your popularity? None. None at all. In the video of the hijab, the most popular, three young people participate. You were one of them and you wore the Islamic scarf. You had to know how provocative that was. I literally told them that they will kill me. Why didn't you say you weren't going to do it? Intimidation. I was afraid. No one forces you to have sex, but I was still scared. Have you ever felt nervous about saying something in a restaurant when the food is not right and the waiter comes and asks "how is everything"? I was intimidated. Was nervous. You say that the concept of consent makes no sense in the dynamics of power between the men who control the porn industry and a young 21-year-old actress like you. Absolutely. When there are four white producers in the room and you tell them something like that, and everyone laughs, it's devastating and makes you not want to talk or say anything. It is the same when you sign your contract, you know the president and CEO of the company in the room, he is with you waiting for you to read it and when you are reading it you do not understand anything that is written, because you are very nervous, because people make you He is watching. When you left the filming set at the end of that particular movie, did you know deep down that this was going to be a disaster for you? He didn't hit me until the next day, because the adrenaline was still very high. But immediately after its launch, my whole world was shattered. The reason I thought it was good to do porn was because I thought nobody would find out. There are millions of girls who record themselves having sex and do things like that, and nobody knows their names. No one knows who they are. No one recognizes them that way. I wanted to do it as my dirty little secret, but it exploded in my face. Khalifa says he assumes 100% responsibility for having participated in the porn industry, which he considers today to be a mistake. From the point of view of filmmakers and distributors, it was a triumph. They said I was like lightning that fell into a bottle. The reality for you was that your face was known throughout the world as the porn star wearing hijab and suffered threats. Oh yeah. I will not say about EI, because I don't think everyone who is very involved with EI has a Twitter account. They put a picture of me on someone who was beheaded and said ... I don't know exactly what they said. They said something that would be next. I can't imagine how alone you must have felt at that moment, because you couldn't discuss this with your family. No. It was scary. But my mechanism to deal with these things is humor. So my answer was: "Well, as long as you don't cut my tits. They are worth a lot of money." You were 21 years old. Now five years have passed. How much personal responsibility do you assume for what you did? The 100%. I made the decision. Of course the industry is imperfect and we must do something to protect other girls so they don't fall into the same trap as me. But it was my choice. Going out of business when that viral video was so well known and associated with something so provocative, and you received the threats ... Was it a very quick decision for you? I wouldn't say very fast, because I was still nervous. I didn't know how to react to that. In fact, I summoned them all at a meeting a month later and I had a resignation letter for each one and told them about my feelings. They tried to convince me to stay and they told me that all this would happen and that I was safe, that I was exaggerating. Then these guys saw you frankly as a money machine. Absolutely. Do you think you suffer some type of post-traumatic stress from this experience? Yes. And I think it is activated mainly when I go out because I feel that people can see through my clothes and I feel very ashamed and it makes me feel like I have lost all my privacy. Because I am on a Google search. The suicide of porn actress August Ames at the end of 2017 led some female colleagues to protest their situation and the pressures they face. You have no right to delete the images, even if they are deeply personal to you. It is very difficult. It is. This story is your story. But frankly, it's also the story of other porn actors and actresses. Honestly, I started to realize that p agoOco. People started communicating with me. My manager checks emails and when he receives things like that, he filters them and sends them to me. Reading the words of some of these girls who have been trafficked and forced into pornography, all these stories of girls whose lives have been ruined (...) makes me feel that it was good to start talking and to do this interview. Consecutive deaths of 5 porn actresses who set off alarms about the harsh conditions of the adult entertainment industry in the US There is a school of thought that says that in many countries young people are so exposed to pornography that it is changing the way men and women interact. What do you think? Of course it affects relationships. Porn addiction is very frequent. The things that men see in the videos are expected of women in their lives, and that is not the reality. Nobody is going to be so perfect, nobody will do those acts on a Wednesday night. If you could talk to that 21-year-old girl, Mia Khalifa, walking down the street in Florida, stopped by the boy who said, "You are beautiful, lovely. I can work with you," what would you tell her to do today? There is a pepper spray of gas in your bag for a reason. Use it. Run!
ロックの典型的なステレオタイプと言えばギターを壊すことだ(本当はそんなことない) ではここでGuitar Worldが発表したトップ10ギタースマッシャー動画を見てみよう 10. Jeff Beck ジェフリー・アーノルド“ジェフ”ベック(Geoffery Arnold "Jeff" Beck, 1944年6月24日 - )は、イギリス、サリー、ウォリントン出身のギタリストである。 『ローリング・ストーン』誌の「ローリング・ストーンの選ぶ歴史上最も偉大な100人のギタリスト」において2003年は第14位、2011年の改訂版では第5位。 09. Garth Brooks ガース・ブルックス(Garth Brooks, 1962年2月7日、オクラホマ州タルサ市生まれ)はアメリカ合衆国のカントリー歌手、作曲家。また多くのチャリティーにも貢献している人物としても知られる。 08. Paul Simonon ポール・シムノン(Paul Simonon、1955年12月15日 - )は、イギリスのミュージシャン。元ザ・クラッシュのベーシストとして知られる。最近では、2007年1月にデーモン・アルバーン、サイモン・トング、トニー・アレンと組んでアルバム『ザ・グッド,ザ・バッド・アンド・ザ・クイーン』をリリースした。 07. Billie Joe Armstrong ビリー・ジョー・アームストロング (Billie Joe Armstrong) は、アメリカ合衆国カリフォルニア州オークランド出身。パンク・ロックバンド、グリーン・デイのヴォーカリスト、ギタリスト。 "Fuck this shit, I'm gonna play a fucking new song, fuck this shit. Give me a fuckin' break, one minute left. One minute fucking left. You're gonna give me fucking one minute? Look at that fucking sign right there. One minute. Let me fucking tell you something. Let me tell you something. I've been around since fucking nineteen eighty fucking eight. And you're going to give me one fucking minute? You gotta be fucking kidding me. You fucking kidding me. What the fuck? I'm not fucking Justin Bieber you motherfuckers. You gotta be fucking joking, this is a fucking joke." 06. Paul Stanley ポール・スタンレー(Paul Stanley)の芸名で知られるスタンレー・バート・アイゼン(Stanley Bert Eisen、1952年1月20日 - )は、アメリカのロックミュージシャン、ギタリスト、シンガー、作曲家、プロデューサー、画家。身長180cm。 ロックバンドキッスの創設メンバーでグループの中心人物である。リズムギターとボーカルを担当し、グループのヒット曲の多くを作詞・作曲している。 やはりKISSともなるとかっこいい 05. Ritchie Blackmore リッチー・ブラックモア(Ritchie Blackmore, 本名:Richard Hugh Blackmore(リチャード・ヒュー・ブラックモア),1945年4月14日 - )は、イギリス出身のギタリスト。アメリカ合衆国在住。ミドル・ネームがハロルド(Harold)と表記されることも多いが、誤りである。身長179cm。 ディープ・パープルの元メンバーとして有名。その後、別のロックバンド・レインボーを率いた。現在はフォーク・ロック・プロジェクト、ブラックモアズ・ナイトで活動している。 「ローリング・ストーンの選ぶ歴史上最も偉大な100人のギタリスト」において2003年は第55位、2011年の改訂版では第50位。 04. Kurt Cobain カート・ドナルド・コバーン(Kurt Donald Cobain、1967年2月20日 - 1994年4月5日)は、アメリカのミュージシャン。身長5フィート7インチ(170cm) 1990年代を代表するワシントン州シアトルのグランジバンド、ニルヴァーナでボーカルとリードギターを担当し、アルバム『ネヴァーマインド』の成功で一躍ロックスターの仲間入りを果たすものの、1994年自宅にてショットガンで自殺。27歳没。 03. Wendy O. Williams 乳首にテープを貼っただけのトップレスの姿で歌うなど、ヴォーカルのウェンディにまつわる伝説は多い。 ウェンディ・O・ウイリアムズは、1998年にコネチカット州にある彼女の家の近くの雑木林で拳銃自殺を遂げた。48歳だった。 02. Jimi Hendrix ギター破壊と言ったらこの人。あの有名なギターを燃やすシーン。 ジェームズ・マーシャル・ヘンドリックス(James Marshall Hendrix、1942年11月27日 - 1970年9月18日)は、アメリカ合衆国のミュージシャン、シンガーソングライター。ジミ・ヘンドリックス(Jimi Hendrix)の名で親しまれ、日本では「ジミヘン」の略称でも呼ばれる。 天才ギタリストとして多くのミュージシャンに多大な影響を与えたロックミュージックのパイオニアの一人。右利き用のギターを逆さまにして左利きの構えで演奏するスタイルで知られる。ギターを歯や背中で弾いたり、火を放ったり、破壊したりするパフォーマンスでも有名。 「ローリング・ストーンの選ぶ歴史上最も偉大な100人のギタリスト」において2003年は第1位、2011年の改訂版でも第1位に選ばれている。2008年5月にブラジルのメタル専門誌『ROADIE CREW』が行った「HR/HM系ミュージシャンの選ぶギタリスト・ランキング」、『ギター・マガジン』2010年12月号の「ギター・マガジンが選ぶ! 史上最も偉大なギタリスト100人」で1位となっている。 01. Pete Townshend 一位はもちろんこの人!!!The WhoのPete Townshend ピート・タウンゼント(Pete Townshend、本名:Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend、1945年5月19日 - )は、イギリスのミュージシャン、小説家。ザ・フーのギタリスト、ソングライターとして最も有名。身長183cm。なお、苗字の発音は/ˈtaʊnzənd/である。 2011年、「ローリング・ストーンの選ぶ歴史上最も偉大な100人のギタリスト」において第10位(2003年版では第50位)。