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Ok ok ok. So we beat Schalke 3-0, then Dynamo 2-0 in the cup, and drew Hamburger 0-0. 4 points from 6 and I'm really nervous for tomorrow! Maybe we need a repeat of this huh? A little 3-1 win and we can get through to the quarter-finals! We cans till win this league to return next year since you know, we're like 12 points out as it is.
I'll be watching and rooting hard tomorrow!

Auf Gehts Dortmund!

Would love to see Dortmund in the quarterfinals at least.
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Should be a good game.
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I just realized it's next week.
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@GermanBumbleBee Ha ha ha ha! Whoops I guess right? Still, if Dortmund make it through they'd have to play a top top club obviously. The games this week don't necessarily come down to "I hope ____ gets through so we can draw them" or anything like that.
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