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Angels Landing already is the most popular hike in Zion National Park. Many hikers have no idea what they're getting into when they go there, so note this: with extremely narrow paths only wide enough for one person, people fall every year. You should be prepared for a difficult hike!
Take a look at what it's like to really be on this trail.
You need to take serious precautions before going there: this isn't a place a tourist should just lace up and go to! There are chain hand rails set throughout the trail to keep people from falling.
Remember the following if you go to Angel's Landing:
- Do not wear slip on shoes. Wear boots or hiking shoes.
- If you have a hard time in the first 1.5 mile of the trail, don't keep going. The final narrow bit will be horrible.
- Wait your turn on the trail!!! The scariest behavior I witnessed involved impatient people trying to pass each other on the narrowest parts of the spine. Wait at a broader spot for unyielding on comers.
- Don't be afraid to turn back--keep your safety first in mind!
- Carry at least a liter of secured water!
Don't be too afraid, though, just be smart, and you can do it!
@yakwithalan Yeah that makes it even more nerve-racking for some reason....y i k e s....
This is especially terrifying because there's a drop off on BOTH sides...
Unless you're afraid of heights, this on isn't that bad! THe biggest issue is when you go / the number of people on the trail, really
Wow. Thta looks so beautiful, though!! I think only the really careless would have issue here; I think I could do it safely!