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, 쿨 똑똑하고 잘 생긴 데다가 ... 내 마음에 자신​​의 드라마 가을을 시청부터 그와 사랑에 빠졌 고요 .. Cool, smart and good looking... i was falling in love with him since i watching his drama Autumn in my heart..
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Soula81..i was wrong, is not uri oppa. that actor is Jisung...but i thought is Seung look like him..
5 years ago·Reply
huh what do you mean? this pic is not seung hun???
5 years ago·Reply
is not about this pic...the person in this pic is uri oppa Seung hun..
5 years ago·Reply
last time you ask me if i already watching his drama..i said yes..but mention wrong drama..Swallow the sun..but the actor on that drama is Ji sung
5 years ago·Reply
is look like oppa seung hun...but not him
5 years ago·Reply