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The Pacific Crest Trail has been growing in popularity every day thanks to books/films like Wild. So there are a lot of people wondering what would be most dangerous on the trail: water illness? bears? mountain lions?

Well, you might be surprised to find out what the real danger is: it's lightning!

The idea that hikers should be afraid of bears, mountain lions, and murders is so irrational that to even engage it is a waste of time. That’s right, you just wasted an entire minute of your life.
Lightning is actually what's dangerous! It's impossible to find anywhere outside that will truly and fully protect you from lightning! It won’t matter if you are walking along an exposed ridge, fleeing down into a valley, or just sitting in your tent – all activities are terrifying in a thunderstorm.
This is what lightning is actually like on the trail: terrifying, right? Even though he's a confident hiker, being in a situation where you are at nature's mercy is always scary. So be prepared for the possibility!!!
@happyrock Very true. That's why it's important to not just know "you should go ____ when it storms" but a lot of options, so you can find the nearest one available.
@yakwithalan That's true. Everything is circumstantial, you know? Any location can be dangerous, you just have to choose the least dangerous one.
It's interesting that he went under a tree and felt most safe there. Sometimes the most "dangerous" places accordig to some weather services end up being our safest options
There's a lot of other htings, too, like water sickness that get a lot of people
If I were him, I would have been sobbing and terrified!!