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This card will not tell you how to choose the perfect red lipstick. Why? Everyone have their on opinion on what suits them based on their like/dislike and mood. In the end, go with whatever makes you feel confident and happy walking down that wedding aisle. However, read on if you're interested in learning about undertones and color spectrum.
You can read as many guides as you like but still be confused with the your undertones. To make things easier here's what you need to know:
Warm (golden or apricot undertone). Reds with yellow undertone or orange red is said to compliment your complexion.
Cool (Pink or rosy undertone). Reds with blue undertones or pink reds usually works well for your skintone.
While these are all suggestion the best thing to do is experiment. Test out a few tones with your beauty consultant. You might end up loving a shade that's not on your spectrum but that happens.
The darker the better for me! My favorite shade is MAC's Chili. It's a matte dark red that's flattering on a pretty wide range of skin tones.
@danidee I'm going to check that one out! I love bright vintage reds. Mac's Ruby Woo and Sephora's Always Red Lipstain are my favorite!
I love using Chanel's Rouge Allure Velvet. I think it's an orange undertone.