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I know EXACTLY why you LOVE this wedding reception sweet table. And it's not what you think. Sure, the gold is stunning. But why? What makes this so elegant? A little bit of gold goes a long way. Otherwise, it can quickly become garish if it's handled with inexperience.
The gold look of this table is stabilized by the use of white for the base. The gold are merely accents. In fact, not even all of the accent vessels are gold. Notice how many are white or clear. If your color choice is gold, which, it shouldn't be (but that's another story), then you need to properly balance it with a base. You can counter balance it too by going with black, which raises the level of drama if you prefer.
Want to know why gold should NEVER be one of your wedding "colors?" Let me know!
I have never been a "gold" kind of girl. But I must say that I could do something like this. It's not over the top.
You're right. Color theory 101. Base colors. Complimentary colors. Secondary colors...