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Besides the bride, it was only the maid of honor that was even allowed to wear a bridesmaid gown that was similar (and not a carbon copy) of what the other bridesmaids were wearing. My how times have changed, however. The homogeny mould has been shattered! And I couldn't be happier!
One of my favorite bridal resources, PolkaDotBride, published an article titled Mismatched Bridesmaids. You can see it here. I wanted to share their photos with you because it is not only permissible, but quite lovely to have your bridesmaids dressed in variety.
Same dress in two different colors. Notice how the boots are all different. This is wear putting your own unique stamp on a wedding goes from dull to wonderful.
Pure sherbet bliss! Notice how the empire gowns come in different necklines. Strapless. Single-strap. Halter. Variety also enables your bridesmaids to wear what's most comfortable for them.
Take similar shades in different fabrics and different styles can look chic and appear to be quite effortless. Tulle. Lace. Crepe. Silk. Solids. Sheers. Pattern. Don't be afraid to experiment.
If you prefer the same style and cut of gown for your bridesmaids, then try mixing up the color only. Ranging from robins egg shell blue to mint, the dupioni silk boatneck gowns look stunning without completely matching.
What are your bridesmaid dress plans?
That top pic with the green and yellow and blue is really pretty. I like this idea of mixing things up.
I love the idea of working in different shades of the same hue. It's so pretty. Especially in that last photo!
Love those maxi dresses. I don't wear them well. I wish I could.
Those green dresses in the last pic. What a vision! So elegant.