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1. Rewrite until you eliminate repetition, unless its intentional and for a specific purpose.
2. Dialogue should have a clear purpose. Whatever that it is, stay focused on that purpose.
3. In many cases, less is more.
4. Avoid prolonged exposition.
5. Pay attention to how natural it sounds: do they really talk that way?
6. Characters should have their own speaking styles!
7. Don't be afraid to have one character interrupt another! It happens in real life, too.
8. Pauses can be as important as the words themselves.
9. You can begin a dialogue scene in the middle of a conversation.
10. Read aloud to check the convos rhythm!
Follow these tips in moderation and your dialogue writing should improve!! :D
@beywatch For sure!
Usually I end up just talking to myself, reading it all out loud. It really helps pick out what feels unnatural.
@beywatch So true. If you think too much about it, it's over natural, and then it's not natural at all! There's an interesting art being able to get it just write. I personally like reading dialogue out loud with friend to test it
This is really, really interesting. And it's so nice hearing him go back and read the different points of dialogue to back up his point. I like when original authors reread their work, especially when it comes to dialogue. I think a lot can be lost when you're trying to convey stressed dialogue in writing.