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I recently began following #LoveStylize on IG and have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the look style of jewelry. Even more incredible, however, is that the pricing for all of their pieces is easily within reach. If costume jewelry is more your speed then I would highly recommend browsing their online shop here.
A bride is wearing a very similar necklace with her sweetheart wedding gown. Simple flowers. Classic bodice. Chunky jeweled necklace. Thrown together, it works really well and looks so elegant.
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They're lovely ! I'm definitely a jewelry diva lol.
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haha @heartofgold35. I think if the dress is a classic silhouette and the bride is super confident, then you can get away with being a bit more daring with jewelry. Statement pieces are becoming more popular among brides who are choosing to inject their own sense of style into the bridal look versus the traditional "look" decades ago.
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I'd so wear this necklace. Maybe not on the wedding day itself, but I would. So pretty and great price
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I'm not above wearing costume jewelry. It's not always about wearing designers. Its a great necklace
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@marshalledgar Thanks for including me in this. I love bold statement pieces.
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