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Was gonna make myself a new dh deck but she doesn't have any boards so I made her a board:P didn't add much concave cause she won't be doing much freeride or dh so it'll be perfect! Just cut it out and sanded it, super stoked my press is working out. Still need to paint it and throw some grip on, drill the holes for the trucks anddddd put some of my trucks on, then it'll be ready to ride!!
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With this deck all I had to do was set my other deck on top and stick a pencil through the hole on my other deck and draw the points where I will be drilling. When I make other boards tho I'll have to make like a graph on the top of the deck and just align the trucks on the same lines. Do you get it? Haha it's hard for me to explain, next time I make a deck I'll have to post all of that stuff @VictorEnriquezJ
That is awesome!! So glad it worked out for you!
that looks like a freebord deck lol
Yea it's the same shape @ColtonHoule