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i can't believe how this drama makes me cry so much.. it only has 4 episodes now but i've already cried a bucket!! from han jung woo and his sister, lee seo yeon and her mother, the detective and his daughter, from the little yoo seung hun and his mother... everyone was just so great.. specially in this 4th episode of i miss you.. a special citation to the two young leads, yeo jin goo and kim so hyun... specially to yeo jin goo... i knew that he will be great here.. his craft was so polish and was so believable and i was really wowed by his performance... kudos young ones!! ^^ and with the preview... yoo seung ho was really handsome there as he was looking at the sleeping lee seo yeon, yoon eun hae was beautiful as always and park yoochun looks amazing although in that scene where i think he got shot, i'm kinda feeling a new kind/level of pain that's coming their way and how yoo seung ho, (i forgot his character name) crying in that preview got my heart so twisted with pain... i guess we would still be seeing the young ones in the next episode...^^
haahha... @kbanh... although it's really intense, i still love the pain-filled episodes, the hell with my eyes getting swollen from crying... lol
the eps are so intense. i guess because they had to lay the story foundation. i also like the part where KSH was looking at the sleeping Seo Yeon & hope they give a lighter episode next so my eyes & heart can take a breather :)
thank you soula!! ^^ wish you put on your views on this drama...=)
nice review ^^