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Closest Finish in Formula 1 history? It just might just be!
The margin of victory on this 4-wide photo finish was .0026 for Dempsey, beating Gabby Chavez Carlos Munoz and Sage Karam to the line!
This is likely the greatest finish in the history of racing.
This photo finish is absolutely incredible, almost unbelievable. If there wasn't video footage I probably would have thought it was staged.
this is indycar not f1 f1 is better
@chowder It's the Indy Lights series which is the feeder to IndyCar. IndyCar is supposed to be the American feeder into Formula One but it hasn't been for decades due to the money. Still, insane finish.
@Spudsy2061 I know nothing about racing. Is this not F1? It sure looks a lot like it
@TeamWaffles Probably a bit of everything including the wind resistance/draft. In open wheel racing these days even the amount of fuel you have left in the tank can affect performance the cars are that light.
I don't know anything about racing, but I was on the edge of my seat for this! Incredible finish, how the heck did the guy in back gain so much speed so quickly. Was it due to less wind resistance or something?
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