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Once again, the hills of Valparaiso tested the gnarliest urban DH mountain bikers with an insanely technical DH course through Chilean streets. Take a point-of-view look through the eyes of Tomas Slavik as he charges through one of the sketchiest urban MTB courses in the world.
Filip Polc won the competition for the third straight time. "The course is crazy, you know," he told an interviewer, which is down right hilarious. I would consider getting through the course in one piece as winning.
@troygreene84 I feel the same way, they are similar but tones of fun to watch.
Damn these guys are awesome. It's one thing to mountain bike in the mountains with dirt and relatively soft landings. City streets with concrete, walls, and stair cases is a whole other level.
Really great handling in this video. These guys are really talented to be able to do this
These videos are all kind of the same, but it doesn't mean I don't watch them all the way through every time! This course looked really damn narrow, there was a curb running through the middle for most of it!