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Madge Cameron is an alter-ego. The artist's real name is Rachel Phillips. Rachel uses the alter-ego as a why to make work in a different way, with new considerations of historical perspective and alternative approaches of creating photographs.
Here is what Madge writes about the work Fixed:
"Until this project, Cameron had always seen photography as a separate venture from her work as Founding Archivist at the Pacific Library Privé and Special Collections. But here, Cameron’s photography and archive work intersect, resulting in pieces that don’t quite fit either category."
"While working to digitize the Collection’s extensive photographic holdings, Cameron discovered accidentally that by moving the photograph while the image was being recorded, she could separate the image into its color channels, resulting in a strange 3D effect. At first irritated with what she saw as failed work, Cameron eventually came to embrace the “process of interruption,” as she puts it. “I came to see the process as a metaphor for what I do as an archivist; each piece becomes a visual cross-reference of itself."