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I bet if you just look at the headshot on the right your brain would immediately register, "Kylie Jenner." Don't let your eyes fool you. Filipino TV host (and Instagram star) Paolo Ballesteros is a bonafide beauty genius! Why? Who can use makeup to turn himself into a female celeb doppelganger? This man has the ability to resemble everyone from Kylie Jenner to Taylor Swift with uncanny likeness is seriously incredible. I was browsing through his page and the snaps are just so brilliant to pass on without sharing. Below is a round up of my favorite transformation. Try to guess who are the female celebs! Answers would be on the bottom of the card.

Transform 1

Transform 2

Transform 3

Transform 4

Transform 5


1. Kim Kardashian 2. Cher 3. Jennifer Lawrence 4. Taylor Swift 5. Beyonce
Are you amazed or terrified by the power of makeup?
wow, crazy make up skills! Looks so much like Jennifer Lawrence
Wow that was crazy awesome lol
He is way better at keeping up with the Kardashians than the other celebs. though his jlaw interpretation was on point
@redridergirl A true artist. I can never manage to do that.
Amazing what someone who is great with makeup can really do! He's an artist!
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