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Veluz Bridal has been featured by lifestyle and wedding guru, Colin Cowie and countless others who have praised Velus Puno-Reyes for her meticulous attention to detail and obsession for each gown fitting absolutely perfectly on every bride.
She also creates a RTW line every year for brides that want to either save on cost or are content with gowns that are not one-of-a-kind. Regardless, each dress is designed taking into account, body shape, silhouette, fabric and proportion to ensure that brides will look absolutely stunning from every angle.
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I do too. Have you seen Ramona Keveza? If you like big brash bold and daring gowns, then Keveza is all you need @stargaze.
This is the prettiest wedding dress I think I have seen in a long time. The Prettiest!
@noonmarez What other types of gowns do you like?
Love lace and the old fashioned style :)
I love lace too @danielleliberto. I have a lace and findings collection that may interest you. :) Are you also engaged? I don't have the ring yet, but that's not stopping me from planning my wedding