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Unexpected Effects of Weight Loss

Your energy levels will skyrocket
Your memory may improve
Your risk of cancer will be lower
Foods may taste different
Working out will be more fun
You'll probably spend less on health care
You may be able to toss your meds
You'll catch more zzz's

So what are you waiting for!?

More energy but able to sleep better? Sounds too good to be true hahah
You really do get so much more energy! I find that I am so sluggish after a few days of not exercising or being active.
Food tasting different can also happen when you switch to eating healthier (not just because you're losing weight!) I have found that I no longer like the taste of artificially sweet things :)
Love this bold block effect going on with this card. Totally stealing this for some of my cards! :) I love how losing weight = more sleep. I bet it's even more restful too.