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Bloomberg's article just published today points out a staggering reality: Weddings are more expensive than ever. I know, who wants to be reminded of that? Well, according to their findings, it's even scarier. Costs have continued to soar since 2009, yet the guest count has diminished to an average of 136. Gone are ballooning guest lists. Gone too is the idea that marriage is possible under 30 years of age.
The Knot, who's been tracking data since 2007 found that in every wedding category costs have climbed. The exception being invitations and favors.
Depressed? Don't be. Despite a crushing economy and fizzled relief, brides have access to more money-saving resources than before. And since pushing has gone to shoving, brides have more incentive now to keep the essentials of their dream wedding and nix the rest. The uptick in bespoke and DIY weddings isn't just a trend; it's in direct response to what everyone's been feeling, but didn't want to believe. And you can read all about that on Bloomberg's website here.
I'd just like to point out that hiring a professional wedding planner is not as expensive as one might expect. According to this chart, brides spent less on professional planners than they spent on photographers and bands. If you're willing to spend a good sum on these, why not spend a little more to ENSURE you have a dynamite wedding?
This is such a reality check. But it's not going to bring me down. I am still committed to getting a beautiful wedding without going through all my savings
:( Such a shame that weddings are so expensive.
Yikes. I'm just going to Vegas.
Its just crazy how much venue costs have gone up. I spent 26k on my wedding. What a waste. I don't regret it. But being divorced can make it seem like a waste.