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Can't say it's the same without you though Nobody to sing with Nobody to dance for Always a dull moment I was dieing of thirst Now I'm drowning in the ocean But god damn it's exactly what I asked for Shit, i hope youre doing better Know you used to send me letters all the time I'd read em an keep em bedside For when the nights get lonely I'm happy just knowing at one point I had somebody love me and it's killing me slowly Now I feel there's not a single soul who knows me It's me against the world
The art you used to accompany this is really on point, but also reallllly spooky
You're very right one smile even when it's 1 sided love it's still love an worth it. and thank you falling water!
You sir are a talented writer. @WyattHaste
Anyone who's found love is lucky to have had it, even if we have to lose it and find it again, I think.
thanks! it's by Salvador dali it helped me to write this a lot of his work inspires me.