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Firstly, vine here: https://vine.co/v/O95tZli0Fbm
So, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was sent off 30 minutes into Chelsea's 2-2 draw with PSG this week albeit harshly (it was probably more a yellow card), which prompted him to say he felt the Chelsea players were like "having 11 babies around me".
Soon after the pictures and photoshops appeared.
Nothing like having a jab at the opponent for surrounding the referee. XD
Ha ha ha I love it! They were all around that referee.
Chelsea looked a disgrace in this game to be honest.
@GermanBumbleBee I think Mourinho's to blame. He planted the seed of this idea of a "campaign" and ever since then the referee crowding has gotten worse. FA needs to really come down on them.
@Spudsy2061 That's a good point. The team seem to take on his persona.