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Express recently published an article that is giving me hope for American Horror Story, Season 5. Here is a breakdown of Neela Debnath's article. You can read more here.

1. Jessica Lange

Will she or won't she be returning to AHS? While there was wild rumors claiming that Lange won't be coming back, there has been a surge of speculation that she may actually be on board for one more season! OH PLEASE JESSICA, SAY YES!!!! Sarah Paulson, my other favorite, will be returning with the bulk of the original cast (throughout all seasons).

2. Lady Gaga

Obviously, Lady Gaga will be joining the cast for season 5 as she posted a video to her Monster fans. The real news is that Ryan Murphy will be turning season 5 into a musical. Can this be true?! Music has been integral to the series as it's no surprise that Murphy is the man behind Glee's success to begin with. Anyone else remember the Banana song from Season 2?

3. Parallel Universe

This one had me scratching my head. Apparently, all the seasons occur in a parallel universe. Riddled with clues, each season was written to dip into and cross over other seasons, despite each season being written to stand on its own. At the end of the day AHS is written as an anthology to begin with. I will wait to see if and how the clues will culminate.

4. Hotel

Regardless of the season title, Hotel is going to be integral to the story of season 5. Will it take place in a hotel? It it just a reference point? Anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? Hotel California keeps playing over and over in my mind. And given the musicality of Murphy, it would be pretty awesome.

5. 2015 Premiere

So, if this is true, and I believe it is, then I am really stoked. According to the article, Shooting is set to begin in July this year with an FX air date in October 2015. And it better not get pushed back! LOL Anyone else desperate for season 5?
@marshalledgar I'm reaaaally afraid that's going to be the case!
I only saw season 2. Don't ask me why. LOL Everyone gave incredible performances.
I think the Hotel premise has a lot of potential. I hope now that Glee is wrapping up, Ryan Murphy's going to be able to put more focus into AHS's newest season. It's one of my favorite shows!
I am obsesssssed with the first three seasons but never actually watched season 4...I heard it was kind of a dud?
@beywatch You will like this.
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