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The new FIFA rankings were announced this week for the month of March ahead of the last international break of the season at the end of the month.

Germany remain top with Argentina and Colombia behind them. Italy have broken back into the top 10 at the expense of Spain while England have dropped 2 places to 17th. Mexico remain 21st while the USA has also dropped 1 spot to 32nd.
Top 25:
1st Germany 2nd Argentina 3rd Colombia 4th Belgium

5th Netherlands
6th Brazil
7th Portugal
8th France
9th Uruguay
10th Italy
11th Spain
12th Switzerland
13th Costa Rica
14th Romania
15th Chile
16th Czech Republic
17th England
18th Algeria
19th Croatia
20th Cote d’Ivoire
21st Mexico
22nd Slovakia
23rd Austria
24th Ghana
25th Tunisia
The full list can be found here:
The women’s list is expected to be released in about in about 2 weeks’ time.

@CitySarajevo Yeah @GermanBumbleBee is right. US tend to experiment a lot post WC and drop in the rankings but then rise once WC qualification starts.
@CitySarajevo Typical post-WC performance from them.
Why are the US plummeting?