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"Lesson number 5: When you win some, you loose some. A victory is never complete. Think about it - If you do something creative successfully, you have lost it. It was a unique achievement that you can never repeat in exactly the same manner. So you always have to construct and develop your creative resource. If you stop doing that, you immediately loose." Martha's words were now turning against her. The agents of destruction that were waiting patiently for a whole decade, now started slipping quietly down the ropes. Her dancing career was in decline, as she was watching others recreate her most renounced pieces. She started developing signs of depression. She wrote a letter to Bat Sheva, begging for her help, but Bat Sheva answered that she was totally committed to "Bat Dor". In the beginning of 1968, "Bat Dor" became both a dancing company and a school of dance, and although Bat Sheva continued backing the Batsheva dance company until 1975, she was never to be seen again in their performances. "When you win some, you loose some", so why not giving up in advance? maybe they would if they thought they had a choice, but none of them really did. Life wants to happen. The story wants to be told. Jeanette had a different perspective for her. Fresh and optimistic. She was talking about something called, "the whole did", a way to perform something completely and wholeheartedly. "If you can do something completely, it will never be lost. If you can't, then you really shouldn't bother trying". Based on this approach, they created a school and a dance company for the very best only. Acceptance conditions were close to impossible, discipline was rigid, and rehearsals endless. Jeannette demanded perfection, and the word "compromise" was not in the vocabulary. Yet those who survived this elite force like training will never forget the lessons they have learned. "We would never be the dancers, choreographers, or teachers that we are, without her", some of them will later say. For 30 years, they were in the core of Israeli artistic dancing, and when Bat Sheva died in 1999, her family started destroying everything. Now they are willing to compromise. Do they care at all that its the word she hates the most? "When you win some, you loose some", so perhaps, the ultimate victory is in learning to loose some?
@greggr, very true.
Hopefully, this legacy doesn't fall to changes forced by others hands. While i think he policy of no compromise is a hard one to live by, it's one that can make changes like no other.