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Hello everyone! today I'm sharing one of my earlier photographs of the moon through my Celestron 5", revealing a spectacular formation of ridges and craters! If you know what formation this is, leave your guess in the comments section! Keep looking up!
I wish we had more information on the Moon. We landed 60 years ago and yet we have such little info it's kind of sad. Everyone says money is the issue, but is it really? We ought to have people on the moon getting ready for Mars.
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I'm so horrible at ID'ing from photos unless I've scanned the whole view myself. That's not Theophilus, is it?I dont think it is lol
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@hikaymn No, this one is not Theophilus. I do have several photographs of theophilus and the 2 craters next to it though!
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@hikaymm Damn! Haha, I"m so bad at guessing :D
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Hahahaha @hikaymm
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