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Pie + Pride and Prejudice = Lots and lots of fun!
Welcome, my friends, to Pi Day. But this year we'll be doing it differently....with Pie and Prejudice (and alcohol, if that's your thing).
So get your pie, get your alcohol of choice, and get your Pride and Prejudice movie (that can be any version you like!)


1. If Mr. D tries to express his FEELINGS~, take a bite of pie and sip of your drink!
2. Eat pie whenever Mary acts super smug & annoying.

3. Take a swig when Lady Catherine throws shade.

4. When Darcy's a jerk for no reason, take a drink AND a bite!

5. Take a drink whenever someone says something totally confusing~

(Friendly reminder you can use any version of Pride and Prejudice!)

6. When Mrs. Bennett acts like a gold digger, take a sip!

7. When Darcy looks unhappy, eat some pie!

8. If Mr. Darcy takes off any clothing, take a sip and a drink!

And there you have it!!! Happy Pie Day :)
@amog32 She'll have a blast! My friend that loves P&P as much as me wasn't free, so we're going to do it later as well.
Sending this on to my sister. She missed pi day but she'll have to reschedule.