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Been busy trying to force myself to be more concentrated on my studies. Because of its experience I had too much things to catch up. Maybe people are all right that when we have memories we do not want to be reminded the only way to get better is by letting those memories intrude your daily life, but let those feelings to lead its way. I feel much better. Better than I have expected. The only thing I was afraid of letting him go was that I was the only one who loved the whole communication. Perhaps I was the only one as I look back if he cared about the relationshop he wouldn't have done so with such manner. I do miss all those plans and promises, but it never meant to be happen. Until the next time I share my real love with someone near I hope I can tell myself I have learned a lot and I am mature enough to love.
@onesmile yeah if it is meant to be :) but i wouldnt take it back even if there is a chance. it brought such a huge pain that i wont be able to take back. all i can do now is to let it go :).. @fallingwater same i often get mad at myself too but yeah eventually it all gets better. time will tell :) @ChristinaBryce Indeed!!! I push myself harder on other tasks!!!
My mom once told me you gotta feel it to let it go! If you never feel it, it never goes away.
Once, when trying to get over a guy, I actually got mad at myself, like....if I just beg for it to work out with him, won't that be better? Why am I hurting myself like this? But I realized in the end that I had to just push through that pain; and then everything was ok!
This is a great way to think about it, really. If it doesn't work out, there's a reason. And in the end, what's meant to work will, so patience is all we can rely on, I think!