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I first heard about Ryn Weaver last June, when it was seriously impossible not to. Her name was all over Facebook, Twitter, and other social medias. Her song "OctaHate" was highlighted by popular music news sites from all corners where she was then compared to previous artists like Passion Pit and M83. All this from simply uploading one track to her personal SoundCloud account.
Three months later, she released her debut EP 'Promises', which was an immediate #1 hit on the Billboard Heatseekers album chart.
Ryn will be playing both Bonnaroo and Coachella this year, as well as Dover's Firefly Music Festival and this month's SXSW. (Needless to say, this girl's on the rise!)
Ah! I saw her on MTV Iggy and immediately fell in love!
@ArianaVenti I love her too! And I just recently found out she's from my hometown. She went to the rival high school hahahaha.