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Here is a particularly cute look Taylor wore a few months ago that I really wanted to highlight! I am horrible at working color into my wardrobe. If you look at my closet, it's just giant blocks of greys, whites, and black with random shades of red thrown in to keep me from looking completely boring. I think the easiest way to work color into your fashion is to play with the primary colors. Red, yellow, and blue don't really go out of style. And as opposed to certain jewel tones or pastels, primary colors work well for any and all seasons!
The total for this outfit ends up being $120.84! You can probably use that extra money to buy a good slip for that skirt (as Taylor is wearing in her look), pearl earrings, or Taylor's trademark red lipstick. Plus, I'm a little in love with the color of this satchel. Can you believe it's from Target?
I think I like all these pieces separately but not necessarily together.
Agreed!!!! @arianaventi Swift is slim but her outfit pairing is not on point. Pairing that bulky sweater with that pleated skirt makes her look bloated and uncomfortable. Not a cute look. Sorry.
You put anything on her and it would be pretty all the time!
I think she wore a similar piece about 2 years ago. I remember after seeing her wearing a yellow skirt with a black top.