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Check out this ridiculously fast 2000hp EVO. From the creators:
"The tests made from 31psi boost to 36psi. ~1700hp - 1380awhp to ~1900hp - 1550awhp.
At a second try you will see the car is useless on the road with Toyo R888 tires. We are waiting some 275 Nitto tires to test again. 5.82sec was with 31psi using methanol fuel. This setup produce 2145hp – 1744awhp - 44psi - 12.200rpms with nitromethane fuel at max. Unfortunately seems can not be driven on road, we will try again."
look up the gt-r with a alpha 12 or alpha omega package and you will see what's possible in a car..
Seems as though you need lots of downforce from a splitter and a spoiler, like 700lbs or more
At what point is there too much done to a car? This car seems like it can barely drive in a straight line...
@mikerosa92 Hahah, yeah I'm skeptical but if this is real than OMG
I didn't even know 2000hp was possible in a car