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A snowmobile weighs nearly five hundred pounds and isn't meant for flying and yet, that's what professional crazy person Antti Pendikainen did with his snowmobile off a mountain in Riksgränsen, Sweden. He gunned it down the mountain and then launched it off a cliff and then started soaring, reaching heights in the air typically meant for helicopters and planes.
Some crazy Finns made a flying snowmobile, and in this video you can watch them glide down
“Had such an epic time to film this. It was very weird feeling when we saw our friend Antti Pendikainen fly same level as a helicopter.”
You can't say this is not the most epic thing you've seen all year.
Antti Pendikainen also released the raw footage from the GoPro on his snowmobile. If you want to see the jump without the music and the editing then check this out.
This is something I expect from 007, I can almost hear the theme song playing as he jumped off the cliff.
That must be one bad ass parachute
So epic! This guy is one hell of a badass to even think about trying this
This is absolutely insane!