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South Africa-born Rowney was part of an eight-woman breakaway and was in a sprint to the finish before falling hard just metres from the line. Replays show a member of the crowd stuck his arm over the barrier lining the street course, hitting Rowney's handlebars.
The 26-year-old lay prone on the course for nearly a minute after crawling over the finish line in seventh place and eventually walked away from the crash shortly before the peloton arrived.
Loren seems to be in high hopes, despite the crash. She is going to Germany for surgery and Dutch race organisers have begun an investigation.
Giorgia Bronzini won the race while two-time world champion Valentina Scandolara finished second.
Good to see her in good spirits about it, but what kind of low life do you need to be to do this to someone. It's one thing if you don't want someone to win, but putting not only their career but their life on the line? Unacceptable.
This is messed up
Not cool..hope they prosecute that jackass.
Glad you weren't seriously hurt! They need to keep spectators back further at finish line. hope to see you racing again soon :)
Yeah I want to know the same thing.... it is quite clear from the slo mo vid that he did it on purpose.
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