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This video from the 1990 Match Sprint Cycling World Championships features German Michael Huebner against Italian Claudio Golinelli in what is one of the strangest sporting events.
As explained in the video, the race involves its competitors riding extremely slow – even stopping completely at one point – in order to get behind the other cyclist. The second position allows the competitor to have the element of surprise in an attack and the ability to draft the opponent ahead. They finish the race in an all out sprint topping out at over 40mph.
@TeamWaffles I wasn't in London but let's just say I love the Olympics so much I tend to take time off from work to watch them.
@Spudsy2061 You were in London for the olympics? Jealous! It is definitely an exciting race
I was ALL over this during London 2012. Love this, it's really exciting! This and the omnium I love so much!