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This is going to be long, but it's just so you all can understand. (I can't sum this up in two sentences, so please take a read!) I came across them on Facebook today, and I got super excited. Here's why. 1) my moms boyfriends kids (2 daughters that are my age and a 12 year old son) just discovered the beauty of this sport yesterday after Wisconsin decided to show us it's good side of its bipolar weather.. *tear* 2) I have four boards. 2 longboards, one penny board, and one shitty skateboard that my dad got me when I first discovered my love for skateboarding and longboarding shortly after. When we were skating, I was stuck with the skateboard. Why is it so shitty? Well, it vibrates like crazy and even when I'm at the skatepark it's so uncomfortable to ride. Idk whats up with it. The wheels? Trucks? I'm stuck. I've done everything I could. I'll post another card about it later. So the moral of the story is, I want to fix it up and sell it for like $50. My dad got it customized at a skate shop for $200 ish but it doesn't feel like what it's worth at all.. 3) if I do get my skateboard all fixed up and I end up selling it, I'd want to get a third longboard. It doesn't have to be super expensive, I'm just desperate for something better quality than my skateboard. I know that longboards and skateboards are different blah blah blah but mine shouldn't be this bad.. 4) Now after all of this explaining: has anyone ever got a board from Ehlers? I looked online and the prices are very surprising.. So I thought I'd ask to see how their quality is is anyone can give their opinion. ******SUMMARY****** Does anyone have any experience with an Ehlers longboard? How do they ride? Is it good quality? From the reviews it seems reasonable, It just seems too good to be true for me to buy one right away.. Ya know?
They're supposedly real good. I've been tempted to pick one up
Few guys on here have them, I've heard they are pretty amazing for the price. But I don't have one yet thinking about getting one as well
@ThtYoungElwoodJ woaahh. I love your switchninja! It looks sick! I think that got my stamp of approval for my next purchase! hahaha! (;
I have an all out Ehlers board, wheels, trucks, deck. Check out my cards I have nothing but praise!
Awesome!! I was a bit skeptical because of the price. I didn't want it to be bad quality, but this makes me tempted! @JaydenWashabaug I'm going to do more research obviously haha. I hope the live up to their reviews if it works out!
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