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Well you may or may not have heard that me and @jiggzy19 have been working hard on a new game for the kpop community... Well here it is!!! ^^ Or at least here is the introduction for the game.
(Yeah thats totally me and jiggzy19 in this photo... Seo In Guk and IU!? What?!
(JK :P)

This is how it goes :)

Basically we will be writing out a scenario every now and then. Each scenario will end with multiple choices. Each choice changing how the scenario will end, you must choose one of the choices and post your decision in the comments. Soon afterwards we will post a card with multiple endings to fit the different choices, so you can see the consequnces of the choice you made!
Here is a basic example:
at the end of the senario card...
A. Share your apple with Chanyeol.
B. Share your apple with Park Bom
C. Share your apple with Onew
D. Share your apple with Soyou.
E. Be greedy and share with no one.
Then in the comment section you would pick one of these choices, and then the next card will have different endings to the scenario to match each of the different choices, and you would match your choice to the ending with the same letter to see what the consequences of your choice are...
So lets say for the sake of explaining that you picked "A" then the ending might be...
A. Chanyeol happily sits and talks with you while you share the apple, when you have finished eating he hands you a piece of paper with his phone number on it! (Just an example, don't get too excited :P)

If you have any questions just pm me (@MattK95) or @jiggzy19 :)

Please look forward to the first scenario hopefully some time tomorrow afternoon!!! ^^ <3

I'm excited! so very excited for this lol
@Uniangel18 hahaha I see what you did there ^^
Yeah ! so pumped like Andre from victorious
Can;t wait!
I'm so pumped!!!
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