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We're so sorry, we've been slacking again. It's been a very tough month for us both, but we're finally back!
Hope you like our reaction to Madtown! Check them out if you haven't!
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'they have a song named yolo' *meme face* HAHAHAHA
3 years ago·Reply
I have had this song on repeat for daaaaays!
3 years ago·Reply
When I first heard this was called 'yolo' I did a BIG eye roll, but I actually love the song!
3 years ago·Reply
@callmekaren ditto! hahaha
3 years ago·Reply
@callmekaren Same! But it's still obvious that the Korean industries are trying to keep up with what's "cool". Like the nae nae has been used in several dances and twerking as well. Some things are just not meant to be used in the Korean industry, I really don't like the fact that twerking has become a thing in SK :( or in the industries at least.
3 years ago·Reply